Honest Truth

by Just Like Clockwork

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released July 25, 2014

All songs written and performed by Just Like Clockwork
except for "...sweet home" written by Just Like Clockwork with Ryan Mitchell
Produced & Recorded by Dave Petrovic
Drums performed by Ben Duffy
Drums engineered and produced by Stevie Knight
Piano on "Welcome To Ivanhoe" & "Pulp Friction" performed by Jack Newlyn
Key change in "Pulp Friction" arranged with assistance from Mitchell Bartel
Samples created by Jarrad Tihverainen and Timmy Bartel
except for "The Honest Truth" 8-bit intro created by Dave Petrovic and Anthony Chambers
Recorded at Electric Sun Studios. 9/14 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park, NSW

Mixed & Mastered by Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios



all rights reserved


Just Like Clockwork Adelaide, Australia

Energetic Alternative/Rock band From Adelaide, South Australia.

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Track Name: Victims
We always thought you'd be the ones who made it
It didn't matter things were so uncertain
We never thought we'd see the day you gave in
I can't believe you fell victim

Sleepwalker it's not safe to wake you
But the morning will be here soon
And I don't want to face the day without you

The rest of us, we've all been here
But we've never been quite as close as you
The rest of us, we've all been there
But we've never had quite as much to lose

Sleepwalker it's not safe to wake you
Sleepwalker it's not safe, don't wake up.
Track Name: Pulp Friction
I can hear your voice still echo in my mind
from when you told me everything would be alright
Now there are fingers on your skin from hands that aren't mind
You threw away everything we had and you took your time

Can you feel the ocean take away your breath
as water drowns the pain inside your chest?
Your body flipping in the crashing waves:
It's oh so horrific but it keeps me sane
Does it hurt knowing that you left me here
with nothing but a pocket full of matches
and time to burn to ashes all our memories?

Do you remember when you told me this would help?
As far as I can tell you only really helped yourself
The grudges I hold are just for me so when we're looking at each other you won't know what I see.
A forked tongue makes it hard to tell the truth apparently.

Could you have done this eighteen months ago?
I guess we'll never know.
But I don't think so.
Track Name: ...sweet home
You stand alone, all alone in your bedroom
The carpet's worn from where you've paced
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth again
There's not a part of you left in this place.

You've bottomed out hollowed out from the inside
There's no sign of who you were before
Give it up, give it up you're not fooling anyone
You're just a silhouette and nothing more.

Oh you can run but you can't hide
Some things are better unsaid and you can sleep when you're dead
Oh you can go but you won't leave
We've all got secrets to tell but you can take yours to...

This could be everything you need
So the story goes, there's only one way to know.
The door is open you just need to step through.

Pardon me but who do you think you are
You couldn't leave it alone and now it's all that you own
And the you have the nerve to act like the justified
You kept your ear to the ground but didn't like what you found
We both know this is exactly what you want and
it only goes to show...

Be careful what you wish for, who knows who's making all those dreams come true.
Don't judge a book by its cover
beauty's only ever been skin deep
It's lucky we've got so many layers
you'll never see the ugliness beneath.
Just keep away from the closet
You never know what skeletons they keep
It's lucky we've got so many layers
You'll never see what's hiding underneath
Track Name: The Common Grave
It's the strangest light in the city
Like the sun through the clouds
Like a storm that breaks at the end of the movie
But it's still raining.
And it hasn't for the longest time.

It's the strangest light in the city
Like the sun wants to sleep
But she can't for the thoughts that leave tears in her eyes
and I feel like I'm the only to see it
I'm the only to see it, and I haven't for the longest time

Well I can see through the rain
But I don't see the sun coming again
And if we stay we'll be swept away
Well I can see through the rain
Track Name: Welcome To Ivanhoe
I haven't even made a dent in seven years
Maybe I'll make it still, maybe I never will
Wrong sound, wrong state, wrong town
Wrong corner of the world
So let me know if you care
Now tell me do you mean that?

Well we've been pushing for so long
We couldn't tell when things went wrong
We lost ourselves along the way
And now we're out here on our own
An empty band, an empty road
We missed a turn and only laughed
Heading to nowhere fast

Everything looks easy far away
but too many mistakes have been made
And it cost as far too much to look the other way
Well I sunk my roots in deep but the branches just won't grow
Maybe I've taken this as far as it will go
Track Name: The Honest Truth
There was a time when we were incorruptible
We couldn't picture and end, we'd never break, never bend
I had the faith, I knew the dream, I'd seen just what could have been
But it was all make believe
Oh how you had us deceived

We put our trust in you and we did every little thing that you asked us to
And now we've nothing but the honest truth
And nothing to show for it
Oh and now there's nothing left 'cause what else could we give
if you already took our best
Now we've only got the honest truth and nothing to show for it

All the words fell from your lips
Every promise counterfeit
I could count the ones you kept
on one hand
I can't believe how easily
You had us lead to our defeat
Because now it's plain to see
you had no plan

And the hardest part in all of this
is I don't think you meant it
You just didn't do enough to prevent it.